How to Record Zoom Meeting on Laptop?

Online learning and working from home is the new normal, all credits (or discredit, maybe?) to the pandemic. While there are quite a few successful mediums for working and learning online, many people prefer Zoom over anything else. 

The best part about these Zoom meetings is that you never miss a thing if you have access to the recorded sessions. And fortunately, recording a zoom meeting on a laptop is no rocket science. 

For those of you who’re new to the world of online work and education, we have put together this guide. Here you’ll find all the ways to record zoom meetings on laptop, both as a host and a participant.

So let’s get started!

How To Record Zoom Meetings On Laptop?

As I said earlier, recording zoom meetings is no rocket science, especially if you’re the one hosting the meeting. We do have solutions for other cases too. But first let’s get started with the easiest part. 

As a Host

Recording a Zoom meeting as a host is super easy. You just need to follow the steps below for a successfully recorded session:

  1. Open the Zoom application on your laptop.
  2. If you’re signed in, skip to the next step. Otherwise, sign in by entering your email ID and password.
  3. Next, click on the ‘Start a New Meeting’ option. 
  4. Once you start hosting the meeting, you’ll see multiple options on the dashboard of the application.
  5. One of these options will be ‘Record’. 
  6. As soon as you click record, the session will start getting recorded. 

Note: Also, keep in mind that the participants are notified each time you start or stop the recording.

  1. To stop recording, simply click stop and save your recording at your preferred storage location. 
  2. You can upload the recording on drive too. This can help the participants have easy access to the recorded session. 

So you see, recording a zoom session is as simple as that. As a host, there really are no limitations when it comes to recording meetings. However, for the participants, the experience can be a little different in some cases. 

As a Participant

Recording a zoom meeting as a participant is not that big of a problem either. However, you’ll have to have the permission from your host to use the built-in recording function of the Zoom application. 

So first let’s see how can a host give you the permit to record on Zoom:

For the host

How to assign permission to a participant?

As a host of the Zoom meeting, you have the authority to decide which participants get the permission of recording the meeting. To grant recording permission to a participant:

  1. During a meeting, tap on the list of participants of your meeting.
  2. From all the names, find the one you want to assign a recording permit to. 
  3. Next to the participant’s name, you’ll see the ‘More’ option. Click that.
  4. You’ll see a drop down menu where one of the options will be ‘Allow Record’.
  5. Upon choosing that, the particular participant will receive the notification of the permission. 
  6. Now they can access the built-in recording option in Zoom.

Note: As a host, you’ll be able to see whenever the participant is recording the session. Also, you have the authority to take away that permission by simply choosing ‘Forbid Recording’ from the menu. 

For the participants 

Once the host of the meeting has granted you permission to record, you can follow these steps to record the session:

  1. Join the meeting from the Zoom application on your laptop.
  2. On the Zoom dashboard, you’ll see the ‘Record’ button.
  3. Once you click that, the recording will start.
  4. You can choose to pause or stop the recording whenever you want.
  5. Once you stop the recording, you can save it at your desired storage location or upload it on drive. 

In short, recording as a participant with the permission of the host is pretty easy. However, there are times when you can’t get the permission but you still need to record. 

While I consider doing that really unethical, there are people who are in dire need of a solution.

How To Record A Zoom Meeting On A Laptop Without Permission Of The Host?

As a participant, you cannot access the built-in recording function of Zoom without permission from the host. But you know what always comes to rescue? Third party apps. 

So all hail to technology, recording a zoom meeting on a laptop without permission is not a problem either. You just need to install the right application that’ll allow you to screen record. Many apps including EaseUs, Vidmore, and Tune Fab are user friendly screen recorders. 

Once you install one of these software,

  1. Join the meeting.
  2. Launch your screen recording application.
  3. Start recording the screen and make sure to enable the right sound recording source too.
  4. Proceed by saving the recording at a suitable storage location.
  5. That’s it. You’re all set for a successfully recorded Zoom session. 

Simply put, you can record the Zoom meeting without the permission of the host by using any appropriate screen recording application. However, we do not recommend doing that. 

It is best to get permission from the host of the meeting and easily record the session using the built-in Zoom recorder.

Can I Record Zoom Meetings On IOS Or Android?

Unfortunately, if you are using a free version of the Zoom application on your mobile device, you will not find an option to record your Zoom meetings. 

To record Zoom meetings on IOS or Android, you’ll need to get a paid plan/account. Local recordings are not supported on mobile devices yet. 

And that’s all for now! I hope the guide was helpful for everyone out there and made the recording process easier for you. Using the built-in Zoom recorder is for sure the best way to record your meetings on laptops.

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