How to Fix a Lenovo Laptop that Won’t Turn On? 6 Tested Solutions 2023

A quick DIY fix for a laptop that’s acting up is what we all need because honestly, it’s hard to give up your laptop only for it to sit around on a technician’s desk for days. 

I figure that your Lenovo laptop isn’t turning on and you’re here to look for a solution. 

Well, first we’ll help you find out the cause and then, introduce some quick ways to bring your laptop back to life again.

So let’s get started! 

Why is My Lenovo Laptop Not Turning On? Common Problems 

We came across a bunch of problems related to laptops not turning on. While the core issue remains the same i.e. laptop does not turn on, the scenarios, the causes, and the solutions are different. 

Anyway, we suppose you too, are dealing with one of the following problems with your Lenovo laptop. 

Lenovo Laptop Not Starting Up Black Screen

This one seems to be a recurring problem amongst many laptop users. Upon start up, the laptop shows a black screen or shows nothing at display, in other words. No warning or error, whatsoever. Well, don’t worry, we’ll talk about solutions later in this guide.

Lenovo Laptop Won’t Turn On But Power Light Flashing

Another scenario that we’ve found to be a common issue among users is that the laptop doesn’t turn on but the power light keeps blinking or flashing. Whenever you try to turn the laptop on, the system does not react except for a blinking power light. 

Lenovo Laptop Not Starting after Update 

Updating your laptop only for it to stop working instead of getting better, sounds quite frustrating honestly. However, it is not a serious issue. You’ll find quite a few fixes to get around this problem. 

Lenovo Laptop not Charging or Turning On

This is yet another prevalent issue with laptops and often occurs due to a faulty cable or power source. Moreover, a damaged battery can also cause hindrance in charging the laptop. 

Now I’m sure the problems are not limited to the mentioned ones only. There are multiple other symptoms that your laptop can show when it’s not turning on. However, we’ve pinpointed only the most recurring issues. 

But don’t worry because we got you covered with a lot of solutions which will most definitely help you get your laptop working again.

Lenovo Laptop Won’t Turn On: Causes

Before we get to the solution, we need to find the exact cause your laptop won’t turn on. Once you’re aware of the cause, it will be easier to apply the adequate procedure to get the laptop grinding again. 

So let’s see the common causes of a Lenovo laptop ceases function. 

1. Dead Battery

It is not unusual for a laptop’s battery to lose its power over time. With continuous usage over the years, the battery of your laptop is bound to become weak or even go dead at some point. In most cases, the laptop does give you warning signs long before the battery goes completely dead. So your laptop not turning on may be a sign of your battery losing its effectiveness.

Also, it is possible, your battery has gone dead already without showing any signs beforehand. To find out what’s going on with your battery, you’ll need to follow a few simple steps that we’ll discuss in the next section. 

2. Overheating 

Yet another common issue that can wreak havoc on your laptop’s health is overheating. The hardware of the laptop produces a lot of heat even during normal functioning. However, the heating situation can get out of hand, at times. 

If your laptop is producing excessive heat and lacks a proper cooling system then, sooner or later, it will get to the health of the system. Excessive heat can even damage the hardware of the laptop so you need to fix it if overheating is a recurring issue with your device. 

So it happens when the laptop is getting overheated, the system shuts down itself to prevent any damage to the hardware components. In some cases, the laptop won’t turn on once it shuts down due to overheating. 

But the good news is that you can still get your laptop working again unless the hardware is not seriously damaged. 

3. Power Issues

In most cases where the laptop doesn’t turn on even with a charging cord, we put the blame on the battery. While it may be right in most instances, sometimes the problem can be with the power outlet.

Therefore, it is possible that your laptop is not receiving an adequate amount of power due to supply issues in the power outlet. If the laptop does not receive the required voltage and power, it won’t turn on. 

Also, there’s another possibility. Sudden power surges or irregular power supply can also damage your laptop’s hardware. Fixing the power issue is no problem of course. However, if there has been damage to the system’s components then, you might face some trouble. 

4. Faulty Cables

Apart from a dead battery and inadequate power supply, another reason why your laptop won’t turn on or charge is due to faulty cables. 

It is quite possible that the cable/adapter of the laptop is damaged in some way. There may be an issue in the internal wiring of the adapter. The wires might have got burnt due to a sudden power surge or overheating. 

Also, there can be a possibility of physical damage to the AC cable like breakage or twisting of wires. So definitely, a faulty cable is not going to help you charge your Lenovo laptop and consequently, it won’t turn on. 

5. Faulty Power Button

Well, if you’ve gone to the ends of earth to find out the cause behind your laptop’s failure to turn on and there seem to be no hints of it then, your power button might be at fault. 

The power button of a laptop is often the last thing that comes to our mind when finding a reason behind the laptop’s failure. Sure it is less likely for a power button to get damaged or faulty but definitely not impossible. 

So if all else is fine, you may need to get the power button checked. But first we’ll help you find out if it’s actually the case with your device.

6. Damaged LCD

Sometimes if your laptop stops working all of a sudden and does not display anything, the problem might be with its LCD.

The LCD can be damaged due irregular power supply or faulty wiring. You can easily find out if the LCD is damaged by following a few simple steps that we’ll discuss next. 

So let’s get to the solutions now!

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How to Fix a Lenovo Laptop That Won’t Turn On?

Now that we’re done discussing the possible causes your laptop won’t turn on, let’s move to the solutions that we’ve compiled for you. Most definitely, the following methods will help you get rid of the problems with your laptop. 

Check the LCD

So we discussed how a damaged LCD can be the reason behind your laptop failing to turn on. The LCD can be damaged due to multiple reasons but how to find out if it’s really the culprit and what to do in case it is. 

So here’s what you need to do:

  • First of all, connect your laptop to an external monitor. 
  • To connect your laptop to an external monitor, get a VGA cable and connect it to the monitor.
  • Or you can also connect your laptop to a TV via an HDMI cable. 
  • Now turn on your laptop.
  • In either case, if the display shows up, it suggests that the LCD of your laptop is damaged.

First try checking the cables of the LCD. If they’re damaged, you can easily replace them yourself. If the LCD itself is damaged then, you will need to get it repaired or replaced by a professional. Since the LCD is quite delicate, we recommend you not to play around with it unless you have prior experience in doing so.

Try a Hard Reset

A hard reset is definitely the #1 DIY fix when it comes to resolving most problems with a laptop. It is by far the best solution for a lot of issues. This method is especially useful if your laptop is turning on but showing a black screen. 

To reset your Lenovo laptop:

  • Firstly, remove the battery of your laptop. 
  • Unplug the power cable/AC adapter of your laptop as well as remove any other accessories connected to your laptop.
  • Leave your laptop as such for around a minute.
  • Now turn the laptop over and look for a reset button. Most Lenovo laptops have a reset button at the back. 
  • The reset button is usually in a small hole so you will need to press it in with a needle or hairpin. 
  • Wait for around 30 seconds and then power on the laptop. 

In case your laptop does not have a reset button, skip step number 3 to 6 and press the power button for 60 seconds instead. 

The hard reset method solves most issues of a laptop. If your laptop was not turning on, it will hopefully with this method. 

Use the Recovery Mode

While resetting a laptop fixes most of the issues, it is not always successful. You can try using the recovery mode which is a very efficient method to find out if the power button of your laptop is faulty or not functioning. In some cases, the only reason behind your laptop failing to power up is a broken power button. 

So here’s how you can find if that’s the case with your device:

  • Find the small pinhole right next to the AC cable port of your laptop. 
  • Press this button using a needle or hairpin.
  • This button can help you turn on your laptop in recovery mode. 

If the laptop powers up successfully using this button, it means there is a problem with the power button of your laptop. Unfortunately, you cannot fix the power button yourself. You will need to get it fixed by a professional or better yet by Lenovo Support Centre. 

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Check the Cable/Adapter

A faulty charging cable or adapter will cause problems for your laptop. Your laptop will not receive sufficient power through faulty adapter and hence, will not turn on. Therefore, you should look for any apparent damages to the cable. 

To find out if the adapter is functioning properly, follow the steps below:

  • Plug in the AC cable into the charging port of your laptop.
  • Check the power status indicator next to the charging port.
  • If the light is on, it means your adapter is functioning.
  • If not then, you probably need to get it checked. 

Before getting it checked, try using a different power outlet. Also, you can connect the charger with any other Lenovo laptop to confirm if there’s an issue with the cable or your laptop. 

Check the Battery

It is possible that your Lenovo laptop won’t turn on due to a dead battery. To find out if it is really the battery that’s causing your laptop to act up, you just need to follow these few simple steps:

  • First of all, remove the battery of your laptop.
  • Disconnect any other wires, accessories, or adapter from the laptop.
  • Press the power button for 30-45 seconds.
  • Now plug in the charger into your laptop and connect it to a power source.
  • Now turn on your laptop.

If your laptop powers up, it indicates that your battery is dead or damaged as the laptop is functioning via a direct power source but not the battery. 

So in case the battery is dead, you need to get it repaired or replaced.


Hopefully, by now, you have an idea about the problem with your laptop or even better if you’re done resolving the issue. All these methods are safe and can be performed at home. However, if they don’t help, you’ll need to get your laptop checked by a professional.

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