How to Delete WhatsApp Images in Laptop 2023

Is your memory increasing because of WhatsApp images? If yes, then you are in the right place. Here we will learn how to delete WhatsApp images from our laptops and free up space for the more important stuff.

It is not an easy task for all users, but with a few simple steps, you can do it easily. It does not require technical knowledge or experience, but only a few simple steps we have mentioned below.

So follow these simple steps and remove WhatsApp photos from your computer quickly and easily.

How to delete images in Laptop? 

Whether you want to find a way of deleting all WhatsApp photos from your laptop or would like some tips on how to delete only one image from your WhatsApp chat on your laptop, it is quite possible. All you need is an Android phone and a USB cable. 

You have to transfer them via USB onto your PC or Laptop. And then all you have left is deleting or moving them around easily with no issues at all. So here are three ways of removing pictures: 

  1. Transferring images to your computer
  2. Removing individual images 
  3. Deleting multiple images simultaneously transferring images to your computer.

Then you can transfer files from one device to another without any problems whatsoever. If there are any problems connecting both devices, ensure that their drivers are up-to-date so as not to face any further complications when transferring files between both devices later on. 

Ways to Delete WhatsApp Images in Laptop 

Whether it’s family photos, videos, or memes, images are all around us daily. We often share multiple messages containing images daily and don’t even realize how many files can be stored on our device just from that one function alone. 

However, not only is it becoming more and more difficult to scroll through everything you have saved over time, but now companies are beginning to restrict what we can do with them. 

Yes, Facebook has blocked users from downloading their content, and WhatsApp recently limited how many gifs you can send at once due to increasing server load! So how do you delete WhatsApp images in Laptop? Well, there are several ways depending on your phone and software. 

Let’s take a look at some of your options. One way would be to remove individual images by opening up your gallery app and selecting each image individually before deleting it. 

Although this method may seem tedious at first, it will probably save you some precious storage space instead of doing it in bulk.  

Steps to delete Whatsapp Images in Laptop 

Step 1: After turning on your Laptop, Log into your Whatsapp Account.  

Step 2: Look for any unwanted images sent by you or from others  

Step 3: Now move towards searching for the gallery at the top right corner of your account page after logging into your Whatsapp account.  

Step 4: Once you have clicked on the gallery option, a new window will appear showing all your saved images and videos.  

Step 5: Now choose an image you want to delete from your WhatsApp account and click on it again. Now a new window will appear showing various options for that particular image, such as download, forward, share, etc. You can select any option as per requirement but do not close that window yet. 

Step 6: You are already in edit mode, so click on the edit button and then go to the save changes tab. There you will find two buttons save & cancel. Click on the Save button, and then another popup message box will appear asking if you want to save changes or not?

Click yes. That’s it. Your selected image has been deleted successfully from your WhatsApp account without any trace. 

Another Method: 

Step 1: The desktop client is a free application that allows you to use WhatsApp on your laptop/computer or any other device. You must download it first before proceeding with deleting chat images from your computer.   

Step 2: To do so, open WhatsApp on your phone. Click on Settings and then Account > Check account number. This will open up a QR code you must scan from your laptop browser. Enter any details that are asked for and click on verify. 

After verification, go back to your home screen and open WhatsApp again. You should see an option called Switch device under Settings. Tap on it and choose Laptop as your new device. Once done, all of your chats will be synced with your laptop.

Step 3: Once you’ve opened a chat thread, navigate to More and select Media. All of your files will appear as thumbnails. Select them individually or drag a box around a few at once, whichever is easier for you.  

Step 4: The problem with deleting all your images at once is that you’ll also remove any videos and voice messages sent via WhatsApp. To avoid losing these precious memories, you’ll need to navigate to them individually. Navigate through your phone and select each media file you wish to delete. 

Once selected, hold down on it for a few seconds until a small pop-up window appears on the screen with an option saying Delete. Select Delete, and then confirm again if prompted by another popup window. 

Step 5: Open your WhatsApp app and click on the Menu button in your right top corner. Three vertical dots represent it. After that, you will see an option named Settings, so click on it. You will get a new screen, where you need to find an option called Media Storage. 

When you find it, tap on it and select images from there. Now move to another setting named ‘Backup.’ At last, delete all of your images from there too. 

Faster Method to delete WhatsApp images in Laptop 

Once you have downloaded your favorite images or videos on your android device and stored them in your gallery, deleting them is not that difficult. Still, it is very time-consuming as they are locked inside a system folder. 

Follow these steps below carefully if you want to remove them faster than a bullet train: Open up any file manager installed on your android device like Root Explorer and then navigate to /sd card/WhatsApp/Media/. 

All media will be displayed there with its name. Now click on all media files and then select Delete from its menu. Confirm when asked. All selected files will be deleted permanently from storage immediately without wasting a second of time!  


How do you delete multiple WhatsApp images from Laptop? 

Deleting pictures from your laptop can be tricky if you don’t know what to do. Thankfully, there is a way to delete multiple images in one go. However, before you delete all of your selfies, remember that these steps will only work for Windows users. 

You’ll need another method if you have a Mac or Linux machine. What follows are simple instructions that walk you through deleting multiple pictures at once. There are two ways to delete photos from WhatsApp on your Laptop: via file explorer and desktop client. 

How can I delete WhatsApp sent images folder? 

In most cases, when you send a photo in a chat or group with your friends, it goes into your sent folder. So, if you’re receiving photos from your friends, you’ll probably want to quickly check out some of them and then delete them if they’re not worth keeping. 

It’s not difficult; tap and hold on to an image until an option box pops up with three choices—copy, forward, and delete. If you choose to delete, that picture will be deleted from your device (but not necessarily from their device). 

How do I select all images in the WhatsApp web? 

This option is now available in WhatsApp Web version 2.18.105! From your chat with a friend, click on their name or phone number, and choose Media from the options that appear. 

You’ll be able to see a list of images sent between you and any other user in your chats, and you can select more than one image at a time by holding down Ctrl (on Windows) or Command (on Mac). Then click Delete at the top right.

Bottom Line 

If you want to delete those Whatsapp images easily, follow these steps carefully and delete them properly. If you follow these steps, you can easily remove all your important Whatsapp image files from your PC or Laptop quickly. I hope that now you know how to delete Whatsapp images in Laptop.   

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