How to Connect Powerbeats Pro to Laptop?

Let’s say you have some leisure time and want to unwind by playing music while keeping your hands free. In that scenario, Powerbeats pro will offer you variable comfort and ease, as well as water resistance and high-quality audio.

Powerbeats pro also offers a long battery life and quick charging. Powerbeats are one of the best pairs of earbuds you’ll ever own.

People are always on the lookout for high-quality earplugs, but not all products provide the top-class quality and best features. One of the nicest things that could happen to a person is Powerbeats Pro.

Connecting your Powerbeats pro to any gadget takes only a few seconds. Nevertheless, you must learn how to connect Powerbeats Pro to a laptop to enjoy your calming music and to improve your experience as a rookie with the laptop.

5 Steps to Connect Powerbeats Pro to Laptop

Now that you have to figure out how to connect Powerbeats with your laptop since you’ve just received your first pair of Powerbeats earbuds and are looking forward to hearing fantastic audio quality. We’ll now look into connecting these with a laptop. All that’s left now is to master them so that they can gain some power from them.

Don’t panic if you run into any problems connecting the Powerbeats to your laptop. We’re going to provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to connect Powerbeats to a laptop, and then you’ll be able to connect your Powerbeats to your laptop with confidence. So, let’s begin.

  1. Turn on the Bluetooth 

To connect Powerbeats Pro to a laptop, you must first connect your Bluetooth device with the gadget. For example, we’ll pair a Powerbeats Bluetooth earpiece with a Windows laptop.

  1. Power off Powerbeats

To begin, ensure that your Powerbeats Pro is switched off. To link beats wirelessly with a laptop

  • Locate the power button
  • Press and hold it for 5 seconds until it becomes blue or green,
  • Depending on the color used as an indication.
  • This will indicate that they’ve been linked wirelessly without any complications.

Ensure there are no audio devices plugged into your laptop. If you have audio linked, unplug it because your computer won’t recognize any other gadgets and you won’t be able to pair them.

  1. Search for a Device
  • Next, switch on Windows Bluetooth by right-clicking on the Bluetooth icon in the settings menu.
  • Left-clicking on the Turn On button.
  • If you’re using a window and can’t find the Bluetooth button below, launch Cortona and search for Bluetooth.
  • The Bluetooth panel is simple to obtain.
  1. Pair Powerbeats With Laptop 

Once you have opened the Bluetooth options on your laptop, look for the option to add an additional Bluetooth connection. A list of Bluetooth devices that are close to your laptop will now emerge. These are the features to consider when purchasing a Powerbeats Pro.

Make sure the beats are switched on, as we instructed in the first step. When you pick up the laptop, it will immediately start pairing and installing various necessary drivers.

Following your selection of the pairing choice, a list of possible devices will appear next to you. To link power beats wireless earbuds with a laptop, you must do these steps:

  • First pick your beats to connect with the laptop from.
  • Choose its Bluetooth ID
  • Lastly, click the pair button.
  • You’ll get a notification on your laptop when your device is ready.
  1. Connect PowerBeats With Laptop 
  • Now simply right-click on the Windows system panel icon or go to audio settings.
  • On to the output tab, and modify the device for both the speaker and the earbuds as a pair, or link beats Bluetooth earbuds to a laptop.

You’ve successfully learned how to connect Powerbeats to a laptop in five simple steps, but if you want to pair Powerbeats wirelessly with a laptop or device, you must first unpair them from the previous device.

5 Quick and Easiest Ways to Fix Powerbeats Pro Connection Problem with a laptop 

Have you tried everything and still can’t get your Powerbeats Pro to connect? When it refers to connection problems, there are several things to consider, like your battery and settings. Some, though, may not be so clear. Let’s find out how to fix the Powerbeats pro connection problem with a laptop.

  1. Make Sure to Clean Both Powerbeats and the Case

First and foremost, determine whether your Powerbeats Pro is not functioning properly as a result of failed charging. You may discover that one earbud has been charged while the other has not. You’ll also want to ensure the case and earbuds are free of dirt. Even just a custom covering for the Powerbeats pro case can obstruct the charging process’ appropriate contact.

  1. Make use of the Powerbeats-sponsored App

If you can properly charge your Powerbeats pro, you should focus your mind on the battery level of your device. This is done to see if the battery itself has any problems. Here are some instructions to assist you:

  • Insert your earbuds within the charging case and secure them.
  • Next, using a thunderbolt USB cable, attach the case to your laptop.
  • Then download and install the Beats Updater program on your PC.
  • Lastly, open the app to examine your Powerbeats in detail. This app can also be used to update the firmware on your Powerbeats earbuds.
  1. Connectivity Conflicts with Bluetooth should be Avoided

The persistent unstable connection that consumers have been encountering with the Powerbeats pro has been another of the most prevalent concerns with the device.

In this situation, you’ll want to make sure that signal interruption isn’t the source of your Bluetooth connection’s problem. Since Wi-Fi and Bluetooth share the same frequency, you should prevent using gadgets that have their Wi-Fi connection turned on. When using your equipment, stay away from similar gadgets like microwave ovens and wireless telephones.

Moreover, having your Powerbeats pro linked to only one device at a time is beneficial. Bluetooth distortion from your car music system, another smartphone, or a laptop can make your Powerbeats pro confused and cause connectivity issues. Furthermore, ensure you’re inside Bluetooth’s operational range and that there’s no physical interference with the transmission.

  1. Disconnect and Reconnect your Powerbeats

Continuing with the Bluetooth theme, the system file that manages your Bluetooth connection on your Powerbeats pro may have become corrupted.

This can occur, particularly if the device you’re using with your Powerbeats pro has an internal system problem or has an inappropriate shutdown mechanism. The solution is straightforward: simply delete the connection profile and repeat the pairing process.

  1. Repair after Resetting Your Powerbeats Pro

The most effective approach for us was to totally reset the Powerbeats pro and then connect them again. This will enable you to set up the Powerbeats exactly as you did when you initially got them out of the store.

Reconfiguring the gadget clears any software faults and issues that may have developed over time as you’ve used it.


We’re guessing you’ve got a flawless connection between your wireless Powerbeats Pro and your favorite laptop. Thus, when you’re listening to your favorite tunes or getting comfortable with freshly released tracks over the weekend, relax back and enjoy some amazing audio quality.

The Powerbeats Pro earbuds have a rapidly growing customer base. People may choose this headset because of its simple configuration and wonderful product features.

You may have learned the simplest approach to link Powerbeats Pro to a laptop in this article. Other methods were suggested to assist you with troubleshooting if something should go wrong.

Try updating audio device drivers before proceeding, and the link should occur instantaneously, regardless of the type of gadget you choose to pair with Powerbeats Pro.

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