How to charge laptop battery manually? (Tested methods)

There are miserable times when you don’t have access to your laptop charger, and you need a quick workaround for it. Thankfully, charging your laptop with its charger is not the only option to revive the dead battery. That’s when the idea of charging a laptop battery manually comes in.

Of course, if the battery or charger is out of order, you’ll have to replace it eventually. But what if you’re in the middle of an important work call and need an immediate escape?

Well, you’re going to find that escape plan right here. We have gathered a few tried and tested methods that’ll help you charge your laptop battery manually. Let’s take a look at them.

6 Ways to charge your laptop battery manually?

1. Using a USB C Cable

This first method is not for those with old laptops because they generally do not have a USB C port. Older laptops usually come with a type A or type B port, which cannot receive power.

First of all, check if your laptop has a C type port. If not, you’re free to jump to the next method.

Using a USB C cable is the best method for all folks who own a laptop with a Type C port. Now I guess I don’t need to explain further because you probably know what to do with the cable. Just connect one end to a power source and the other end to the C port of your laptop. How hard is that?

2. External Battery Charger

Using an external battery charger to charge a laptop can be slightly complicated because it cannot be directly connected to a laptop. Rather, you will need to remove your laptop’s battery to make use of an external battery charger. 

On the plus side, you don’t need an AC Adapter or a laptop to get over with the charging. However, it is a risky method and requires a few precautions.

  • Try to look for a high-quality charger with overcharge and overheat protection. 
  • External battery chargers come in different models that are compatible with different laptops. Choose the one that’s compatible with your device.

Before you start with the external battery charger, make the voltage and current capacity of the charger compatible with the laptop. 

To use an external battery charger:

  1. Remove the battery of your laptop.
  2. Connect the battery to the external battery charger.
  3. Plug in the charger to a power outlet.
  4. Let it charge for a while. If your charger has indicators, you’ll know when the battery’s charged. 
  5. And finally, connect the laptop battery back into the laptop.

3. Universal Power Adapter

A universal power adapter is the most convenient and affordable method to charge your laptop’s battery manually. Unlike an external battery charger that comes with a wide range of models for specific devices, a universal power adapter doesn’t give you that privilege.

This method is super straightforward. Just plug it into your laptop, and on the other end, connect it to a power outlet. The device will be powered immediately, and the battery will also begin to charge. But since device-specific power adapters are not available, make sure to buy one best suited for your device by checking compatibility.

4. Portable Laptop Charger

What can be better than a portable laptop charger? I guess nothing. You can quickly charge your laptop anywhere, in the middle of a journey, at your friends’ house or work.

To have the safest experience with a portable laptop charger, make sure you choose the right one. A good portable charger should cater to multiple devices, have a steady power supply, and have adequate power output for a laptop.

Just connect the charger to your laptop as you do with a power bank and a smartphone, and your laptop will start charging instantly.

5. Use Solar Energy

Well, who knew we’d be able to charge our laptops using solar energy! Anyway, I’m glad we can do that with the help of a solar charging kit. This kit is usually portable and doesn’t need a nearby power outlet to function.

A solar charging kit is composed of a series of foldable solar panels along with a battery pack. First, you need to charge the battery pack with solar power, then connect it to the laptop.

A solar charging kit is not directly compatible with a laptop, so charging the battery pack that comes with it is critical.

Usually, a fully charged battery pack can perform 2-3 charges before it goes dead. Using a solar charging kit is super convenient and double points for its versatility because it can be used for many other things.

6. Use a Super Laptop Battery

A super laptop battery is more of a backup option that you can keep with you at all times. Super laptop batteries come with a specific charger, and they are used in place of the laptop’s original battery.
However, you can only use a super laptop battery if your laptop has an option for battery replacement.

Just remove your laptop’s original battery and install a charged super laptop battery in place of that. A super laptop battery can keep your laptop alive for up to 9 hours.

Meanwhile, you can charge the original battery of your laptop using an external battery charger or ask someone to fetch you the original charger of your laptop.


All the methods mentioned above are almost equally efficient to charge a laptop battery manually. However, if none of them works for you, consider changing the battery of your laptop. It will be better for you to save cost and time.

These methods are simply a workaround for the times when your original charger is not available. The safest way to charge a laptop is using its original charger.

To gain more knowledge about the laptop’s battery, you can check this guide i wrote on how many watts does a laptop use.

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