How to bypass HDD password on Toshiba laptop?

A Hard Disk is meant to save important files and data on the laptop, and it’s considered necessary for the user to put a password on it in order to save it from intruders. However, the real problem lies when you forget the password and have no other way to get into it. 

In this case, bypassing the HDD Password on the Toshiba Laptop is the only way left to get access back to your Hard Disk Drive. But how can you do it?

That’s what this article is all about. It will give you a ride towards the methods that can help get your HDD back in no time. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

What Are The Methods To Bypass HDD Password On Toshiba Laptop?

In this article, we’ll look at 4 interesting methods that can help give access back to your HDD that has been lost for a while now. So, let’s take a closer look at them.

  • Operating System CD/DVD
  • Utility Setup
  • Reset Disk Mode
  • Third-Party Software

Operating System CD/DVD

Let me tell you beforehand that this method might help bypass the HDD password on Toshiba Laptop, but you can lose your data because of formatting the drive. This is the simplest method and won’t cost you much time. 

Step 1: Insert CD/DVD

The first step comes up with inserting the CD/DVD into your Toshiba laptop. Once you have done this, enter the boot menu of your laptop, where you will find a bunch of drives from which you can boot your laptop. After that, select your optical drive and press enter.

Step 2: Format The Drive

Once you hit the enter, your laptop will restart into the installation menu of your operating system. Now, what you have to do is format the drive that contains the operating system’s data. Doing this will delete all your files and remove the password.

The main advantage of this method is that you not only successfully retrieve your Hard disk drive but also give a fresh update to the window copy that will ease the system and remove all possible lags your system has had. 

Utility Mode:

Another method that can help retrieve your HDD is the Utility mode. It is an easy and straightforward method but may cost a lot of time because of following multiple steps. So, if you find this method useful, you can go with this.

Step 1: Make A Different Account On Laptop

First, you have to create a different login account using the existing account on your laptop. You may call this a guest account that will help log in to the laptop without entering a password. 

Step 2: Reset The Password

Once you successfully log in to your Toshiba laptop using the guest account, then head over to the local users and group section from where you can locate the admin account. Reset and change the password of your admin account.

Step 3: Login To Laptop With Admin Account

After changing the password, restart your laptop, and now you can easily log in to your admin account using the new password. Using this method, you can also delete your admin account and make a new one, but this might cause losing the important files and data that belonged to your previous account. With that said, you can now enjoy free and flowing access to your HDD on Toshiba Laptop.

Reset Disk Mode

Reset disk mode gives you access to your hard disk drive in case of emergency and forgetting the password. But, for this, you have to reset your drive, meaning all the data that the drive contains will be lost. Let’s look at the steps below to know how to use this method to retrieve Hard Disk Drive.

Step 1: Select Forgot Password Option

First and foremost, you have to boot up your laptop and select the forgot password option. This will take you to the next option named “reset disk wizard,” which you can use to reset the password.

Step 2: Reset the HDD 

Once you have entered into the reset disk utility, locate your HDD and select the reset option to remove the password on it. After that, it will take some time to reset your Hard Disk Drive, depending on the model of your laptop.

Step 3: Add A New Password

After your HDD is successfully reset, add a new password that you will be using to log in to your HDD. You can also add a password hint that helps in remembering the password if you forget it next time.

Third-Party Software

Last but not least, you can use third-party software to bypass HDD passwords on a Toshiba laptop. Third-party softwares are not considered the trusted ones because they could contain malicious keylogger and hidden virus in the core. 

So, this method can be dangerous and might cause you to lose important files on the laptop. However, if you desperately want to access your HDD, you might have to take this risk. 

To implement this method, first, you have to download an HDD unlocker software named “HDD Unlock Wizard.” on your laptop. It is window-based application software that will help remove the password over your Hard Disk Drive. 

However, it may cost you to lose important data on the HDD, but you can recover it using the file recovery software called “ Recuva,” which will instantly retrieve the lost data. 

Final Word

Forgetting an HDD password might put you in trouble about losing it, but fortunately, you can retrieve it following the methods mentioned above. I have described each detail in the best possible way about how to bypass the HDD password on Toshiba Laptop. 

Each method is effective in its own way. You can choose the one that suits you best and saves you time. With that said, I hope you like this article; if yes, check out other interesting posts on the blog.

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