How Often Should You Buy A New Laptop? 5 Reasons 2023

Are you concerned with your current laptop and are thinking of replacing it? How often should you buy a new laptop?

This thought might have entered your mind after seeing your laptop not giving you the effective performance it used to. An electronic device surely has a life. Hence laptops also wear and tear with time, both hardware and software-wise.

The common indicator for buying a new laptop is mostly its speed. After years of use, the device starts to lag, and you finally think a new laptop is a must. However, getting a new laptop might not be easy for everyone.

It is an expensive device that is mostly a fairly complex buyer decided to make. Read the factors that determine how often you should buy a new laptop.

How Often Should You Buy A New Laptop?

There is a clear difference between how often you should buy a new laptop and how long laptops last. Let’s talk about the prior first. Most people say that it is a preferred move to replace a laptop after 4 to 5 years of use.

After that timespan, your laptop’s worth has most probably been realized. Secondly, better laptops have made it into the market that can increase your productivity compared to your current device.

But, if you own an expensive Macbook or an Ultrabook, you might want to use your laptop to the fullest. Mostly, deciding to replace your laptop depends on various factors. Firstly, it depends on your use.

A person who occasionally spends time on their laptop and has it in good condition might not require buying a new one even after 4 to 5 years. On the other hand, how a person takes care of a laptop can also be a deciding factor for a new purchase.

Lastly, tracking the performance of a laptop can help a person decide whether they need a new laptop. The truth is that how often you should buy a new laptop depends on various factors that we discussed. If you do not use it intensively, take good care of it, and have it in good condition, you might not find the need to get a new one.

How Long Do Laptops Last?

Laptops last as long as you can use them. The thing is that they won’t work that well anymore. The performance that you get out of a brand new unit differs greatly from a laptop that has been ruggedly used for five years.

Budget laptops that do not break the bank can last up to 3 to 4 years if properly used. However, if you do not take care of it, they might die on you just in a couple of years.

Tough and expensive laptops can easily last more than 7 to 8 years until you have to replace them whatsoever. We know people who have been using their laptops for the last 13 years through various methods. The period of how long a laptop lasts again depends on your use. Internal components wear and tear with time.

5 Reasons That You Need A New Laptop

Are you confused about whether you should invest in a new laptop or continue using your current one? Some indicators might help you clear the confusion and make a well-informed purchase decision. Have a look at some of the signs that indicate that you need a new laptop.

Your laptop Runs Like A Snail

The most common problem users face is the slowing down of a laptop. If you notice that your laptop freezes, lags, and runs slow most of the time, it’s probably a clear indicator of getting a new one. Laptops take quite a long time to boot up and shut down over years of use.

Applications take longer to open and properly load. Due to lags and freezes, force restarting the laptop might have become your daily routine. If that’s the case, you should probably consider getting your hands on a new laptop.

Your laptop Shuts Down Randomly

Nothing is more frustrating than the shutting down of a laptop while you are executing an important task. Laptops randomly power off due to several reasons. Firstly, your laptop cooling fans might be unable to expel the hot air out of the system.

This causes the system to shut down automatically to prevent major heating issues. Secondly, your laptop might not be able to handle the load anymore. 

Another common reason for these unexpected shutdowns might be the battery. Most users completely misuse the laptop’s battery by keeping it on charge 24/7, which deteriorates quite quickly in this case.

Over time, the battery capacity is shortened, and your laptop shuts down unexpectedly due to the lack of power. Replacement batteries are poorly manufactured and are no comparison to the original battery the laptop came equipped with.

All these issues result in a laptop shutting down on its own accord. If that happens more often, you might want to replace your laptop.

Incompatibility With New Software And Updates

Companies improve the software over time by introducing new updates to it. However, these updates are confined to some devices, and old devices are gradually kept away.

Older versions are mostly incompatible with more recent software updates. Hence, they do not work efficiently, given the current output a new laptop can produce. If your laptop has stopped receiving any updates, it might be the right choice to get a replacement.

Your laptop Requires Frequent Maintenance

Components of the laptop wear and tear with use. Fans might stop working, or the board might require frequent repairs. The blue screen of death should be your last resort.

This means serious issues are going on with your operating system and need your attention as soon as possible. If repairing the laptop costs too much, it might be better to get a new one.

You Are Just Tired Of It

Many individuals make it a rule of thumb to use their devices for a certain period. For laptops, it is mostly five years. If you have the purchasing power and can get a new laptop that works better than your current one, why not get it?

On the other hand, newer laptops have become compact and easy to carry around. If your old laptop is bulky and requires effort to move around, you might want to buy the more slick and stylish versions.

Should You Buy A New Laptop Or Just Repair It?

This depends on the money you are paying. If the repairs are becoming costly and more troublesome, you might want to make a greater leap and get a new laptop. Laptops are used for a variety of purposes. If your purpose gets fulfilled with your current device, you might not need a new one.


The decision of how often you should buy a new laptop depends on several factors. We hope you make the best decision considering the facts we mentioned in this article.

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