How Much Does It Cost To Repair A Laptop Screen – Detailed Guide 2023

Is your laptop screen damaged? Want to repair it but don’t know how much it will cost? Well, the price might be the first thing that worries you after the laptop screen is broken. However, to ease your pain and give you complete guidance on how much it costs to repair a laptop screen, this guide will help you.

Repairing a broken laptop screen may cost you anywhere between $50 to $300, depending on the laptop brand and the method you use. A higher model will ultimately result in paying more than a lower one. Moreover, if the laptop is still in the warranty zone, the cost will differ from the real one.

You might have gotten the general idea about the estimated cost, but that’s not enough since you want the actual repairable price of your broken laptop screen. To know about that, read on to find your query solved.

So, without further ado, let’s get started.

What Are The Factors That Determine The Cost Of Repairing A Broken Laptop Screen?

Laptop Brand & Model

If you’re using a laptop of a higher brand, such as Apple, HP, and Dell, the screen replacement cost might be more than a standard laptop. Sometimes, the model of the laptop brand also affects the price factor; for example, if you’re using the latest model of Macbook whose repair parts are hardly available on the market, it costs you more to fix the laptop screen than usual.


If the laptop is still running in the warranty zone, the screen repairing cost might be lower or free. Because, once the warranty is claimed, the screen repairing will be on the company. However, they might charge a little bit for the labor price. So, if your laptop warranty is not ended yet, you can contact the laptop company’s customer support for screen maintenance. 

Methods Of Repairing

The cost of repairing a laptop screen also depends on which methods you use to fix it. For instance, if you’re a technical guy and have some knowledge to repair the laptop screen for yourself, the cost will be on the parts and screen which you might need to replace. This DIY method may cost you anywhere between $40 to $100.

On the other hand, if you opt for a technician for screen replacement, then the cost will not only be on the parts but also on the labor price, which could be anywhere between $50 to $300, depending on the brand of the laptop.

How Much Does It Cost To Repair A Laptop Screen For Different Brands?

We have listed the name of brands with their estimated cost for repairing a damaged laptop screen. You can find your laptop brand below to determine the estimated maintenance cost of your laptop screen. Let’s take a look at it.

HP Laptop

HP is one of the most recognized laptop brands around the world. Since it is a common use brand, finding its parts is relatively easy for retailers. Keeping this benefit in mind, repairing an HP laptop comes in the budget range of $50. However, if you use a flagship model, the screen repair price can rise to a maximum of $200.

ASUS Laptop

The gamers might be aware of the ASUS name since it is known for producing sturdy and high-quality laptops. Most ASUS laptops come with LCDs rather than LEDs, so repair costs would be a little lower, between $40 to $60. However, if the laptop has a LED screen, screen replacement costs can rise to $200.

Lenovo Laptop

Same as ASUS, Most Lenovo laptops come with an LCD screen which is inexpensive to repair compared to LED ones. Depending on the model type, the screen fixing price could be between $50 to $350. Remember, the higher price is for LED screen laptops.

Dell Laptop

Dell laptops are well-known and most commonly used around the world. Repairing a standard Dell laptop screen can cost you $50 to $80. However, for higher-end models, the price can jump to $250.

Toshiba Laptop

Toshiba has both LED and LCD screen laptops, so repairing the screen price may vary differently, between $60 to $80. However, for higher-end models, the cost can rise to $240.

Acer Laptop

Acer is a renowned laptop company whose screen repair cost varies differently for different models. For standard one, it would be $50, and for a high-end model, the maintenance cost can rise to $250.

Samsung Laptop

Being known for its high-end phones, Samsung also made its mark in the laptop industry. Repairing a Samsung laptop screen costs you differently, depending on the type of model. For instance, a standard one can cost you $60, and on the other side, the premium model price can jump to $200.

Apple MacBook

The world’s most popular laptop brand is the Apple Macbook. They come at higher prices compared to other brands. Repairing their laptop screen will cost you a little more than others. The older models can cost you $60 to $80, but for the newest models, the screen repair price can rise to $500.

How to Repair or Replace A Laptop Screen At Home?

By now, you must get an idea of your laptop’s estimated screen replacement and maintenance cost. However, if you want to save some bucks, you can repair the laptop screen at home by following the step-by-step guide below. 

We don’t recommend this method unless you’re an expert and have some technical knowledge about laptops. This is because any mishappening can result in a costly replacement for you.

So, if you’re that DIY person, let’s take a look at the steps.

  • First, you have to buy the replacement screen from the market. It can cost you between $30 to $100, depending on the type of model.
  • Secondly, you have to take out the stickers from the bezel and put them in a safe place as they need to be fixed again. Now, you need a screwdriver to unscrew all the screws on the screen. 
  • The third step comes with disassembling the broken laptop screen. Remove all the screws and carefully take out the screen by removing the connector. Take extra cure while disassembling the things since it is a sensitive process.
  • Now, you have put in the display connector and attached the new screen where the old screen was. For that, you have to follow the reverse of the process you did above.
  • Restart the laptop to check everything is going well. If the screen is working fine, congratulations, you have done a tremendous job. However, if the screen doesn’t work, check the battery because the problem might be from there.

Note: It is always recommended to repair a laptop screen by a technician because it is a sensitive process, and any minor damage can result in the loss of the whole laptop. 

How Do You Protect Laptop Screen From Physical Damage?

Mostly, laptop screens break due to sudden impact, such as falling onto the ground and accidentally pinched by something. To protect your screen from these sudden damages, you need to take extra care while handling a laptop. 

Below we’ve described some methods which you can implement to protect your laptop screen from physical damage. Let’s look at them.

Laptop Bag

You can use a laptop bag while traveling and moving somewhere with your laptop. The bag will work as a shield for your laptop, and it also allows you to carry your laptop with ease. So, a laptop bag is a basic need to protect your laptop screen, and you must use it.

Screen Protector

The protector you use on your mobile screen to save it from uncertain damage, you can implement the same on your laptop. The Gass Protector will work as a shield for your laptop screen and protect it from physical damage. You can head on to Amazon or the nearest laptop repair shop to purchase a screen protector for your laptop screen.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I repair a laptop screen at home?

No, you should not unless you have experience in doing that. Hiring a technician to fix a cracked laptop screen is a better choice than going beneath the laptop screen without any knowledge. Because a laptop screen is a sensitive object and any uncertain mishap can cause a significant loss of money.

Is It better to fix a laptop screen or buy a new one?

Honestly speaking, if the laptop screen repair costs you about half the laptop’s price, it would be better to purchase a new one since a repaired thing has no guarantee, so it is better to get your hand dirty with a new laptop by adding half of more price. On the other hand, if the laptop screen can be fixed at a minor cost, you can opt to fix it.

Can Toothpaste Fix a Cracked Screen?

There is no reality that toothpaste can fix a cracked screen; it’s just a myth. However, toothpaste is highly beneficial in removing dirty spots and minor scratches from the laptop body.

Final Word

By the end, you must have got an idea about how much your laptop screen repair will cost and how you repair it. Besides that, we have also shared some vital knowledge about how you can save it from physical damage? You can follow these steps to protect it from sudden damage.

With that said, we hope this article helps find your query about how much does it cost to repair a laptop screen. If yes, also check other helpful posts on our blog.

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