How Many Laptops Can You Take on A Plane?

Travelling with gadgets and other devices is quite common in today’s age but are you allowed to take more than 1 or 2 laptops on a plane? Well, it shouldn’t be a matter of concern in most cases. However, there are a few guidelines regarding laptops that you need to follow.

These guidelines can vary depending on the airline you’re flying with so to be on the safe side, we recommend you to check with them beforehand. Anyway, let’s see a few basic points that you need to take into account before travelling with laptops. 

Are Laptops Allowed on A Plane?

Absolutely yes. You can take your laptop on a plane. It is very commonplace for people to carry their laptops with them on a plane for work or personal use. If you’re wondering are laptops allowed on a plane then, fret no more. No one’s going to bat an eye if you carry a laptop on a plane. 

However, in some recent developments across a few airlines, a ban was imposed on certain MacBook devices. A few recalled MacBook devices are not allowed in checked in luggage anymore. You can take them along in your carry on bags though. This happened mainly because these devices are notorious for overheating and catching fire. 

This imposition can be a problem for people travelling via US based airlines as well as a few airlines in Australia like Virgin Australia, etc. 

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How to Carry A Laptop in International Flight?

Carrying a laptop on an international flight is not a problem either as long as you’re not taking too many of them. It is recommended that you carry your laptop in your hand luggage and not the checked in bags. Not only can you carry but also easily use your laptop during the flight except at landing or take off. 

To put it simply, you’re allowed to carry laptops on an international flight but taking too many of them will get you stopped at customs. You’re probably going to get asked a few questions and then, depending on the country you will also have to pay a certain amount of custom duty charges. 

So sure you can take 1 to 2 laptops easily with you on an international flight. But taking a lot of laptops unintended for personal use will cost you additional time and money as you’ll be paying import duty upon arrival at your destination country. 

Can I Carry 3 Laptops in Domestic Flight?

There are no specific guidelines about the quantity of laptops that you can carry when travelling domestically. So you can carry as many laptops as you want on a domestic flight without facing any trouble unlike international flights where extra laptops will be subject to import duty fee. 

The quantity of laptops is usually a matter of concern because they are equipped with lithium batteries which are notorious for catching fire. But thankfully, the lithium batteries are not an issue as long as they are integrated within the device and not kept as spares. 

According to the Transport Security Administration, there’s no limit on the quantity of laptops you carry on a domestic flight. It is recommended that you carry the laptops in your carry-on bag and place them for X-ray screening in separate bins at security check. So yes, you can carry 3 laptops or even more on a domestic flight. 

How Many Electronic Devices are Allowed on a Plane?

Carrying electronic devices on a plane is not a problem. Airlines don’t even investigate the number of portable electronics carried by everyone on board, in most cases. The airport security does not usually have an issue with it either.

In case of a few airlines, you may experience a few regulations regarding electronic devices. However, generally most airlines allow 4 to 15 portable electronic devices in the luggage. 

As per TSA, there is no limit on the number of electronic devices that you can take on a plane. So it is highly likely that no one will bother you for carrying portable electronic devices on a plane unless of course the quantity is suspiciously high. 

Can You Use a Laptop on A Plane?

Yes, you can use a laptop on a plane without any trouble and it is not limited to a few airlines only. You can use your laptop regardless of the type of your flight i.e. domestic or international. You can easily continue with your work on the go or just unwind with your favorite TV show on your flight. What’s a better way to kill time?

Most airlines today even offer a Wi-Fi facility which can help you stay connected with whoever you want. So yeah, go on and use your laptop on a plane. Just be mindful of turning it off at take off and landing.

Can you Carry a Laptop in Checked Luggage?

As a matter of fact, yes. You can put your laptop in your checked bags, however, it is best to avoid doing so. You will be putting your laptop at risk of damage so it is better to keep it with you in your carry-on bag. 

What you can’t carry in your checked luggage is spare lithium batteries or power banks as they’re considered dangerous goods because they can cause fire. However, you can keep items of such sort in your hand-carry. 

Are There any Additional Rules for Airline Regulators other than TSA?

TSA manages flight operations within the US. However, there are several other airline regulators world over like the International Air Transport Association (IATA), Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC), and others that govern flight operations in different countries. These regulators have different policies regarding carrying laptops on a plane.


This regulator authority governs over 80% of the flights in the world, including entire Europe. They allow laptops both in hand luggage as well as checked bags but recommend keeping them in your carry-on bags. Keep in mind that laptops in the checked luggage need to be completely switched off. 


This airline regulator manages flights throughout China. They do have a few strict guidelines about carrying laptops. If your flight is governed by CAAC, you will not be able to carry a laptop with 160W+ battery. For laptops within a 100 to 160W range, you will require permission from the airline. Anything below that range, you are permitted to carry in either hand luggage or checked bags. 

Similarly, there are other airline authorities that manage flights in Canada, Australia, etc. If you are flying from a different country, you should check with your particular airline about laptops/portable electronic guidelines. 


To sum up, yes you can carry multiple laptops on a plane. For domestic flights, the process is absolutely hassle free. However, in case of international flights, any laptops unintended for personal use will be subject to custom duty charges that vary according to your destination country. 

Lastly, we recommend you to carry your laptop in a carry-on bag as it can be at risk of damage in your luggage. Also, don’t forget to put your laptop in airplane mode if you’re going to use it during your flight.

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