Can You Use AirPods On Planes?

Yes, you can use AirPods on planes. The Federal Aviation Association (FAA) has cleared Apple’s wireless headphones on aircraft, with some stipulations. The FAA is one of two organizations that certify airlines and their equipment for safety. As approved by the federal government, AirPods are permitted to be used on all domestic flights in both ears … Read more

How to Record Zoom Meeting on Laptop?

Online learning and working from home is the new normal, all credits (or discredit, maybe?) to the pandemic. While there are quite a few successful mediums for working and learning online, many people prefer Zoom over anything else.  The best part about these Zoom meetings is that you never miss a thing if you have access to … Read more

How to Disable Fn Key in Lenovo Ideapad?

Most laptop keyboards come with the Fn key and this is particularly because they’re designed to have a smaller footprint. To extend the functionality of the keyboard apart from the built-in operations, a function key is introduced.  However, this Fn key can often mess around with an average user by interfering with the F1 to F12 functionality. … Read more

How to use Chromecast on a laptop?

Google Chromecast is the real deal for hassle-free casting and streaming content on the TV via a mobile device or laptop. It has made our lives easier with its plug-and-play interface. Setting up a Chromecast device is no sweat. However, most users are familiar with running Chromecast via mobile and not a laptop. But gladly, … Read more